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Про предыдущее
У меня в почте в качестве рассылки был обмен мнениями.
Вот комментарий Кратенxаллера:

Many correct things are written in the article. However, most analyses
that I have seen (including this one) fall short of spelling out the
crucial point:

It is NOT the publishers, the politicians, governments to blame.
It is US, the scientists (and here in the first place: the already
established scientists) to be blamed.

As long as it is common sense that - for job applications, grant applications, etc. - it does not matter what is written in articles as long as they are published in "established" (= Elsevier, Springer ...) journals, then the situation will continue as it is now (= at least 40% revenue for professional publishers). As long as academia does not claim back the publishing business, all complaints about the "evil" practices of Elsevier and the like are pointless. The (so-called) "open access" system that some promote at the moment will change nothing. The professional publishers have already found a way to use it for themselves ...

It is obvious that an individual can't change anything. However, once
there is a critical mass of individuals who do not want to continue
in this way, then a movement may emerge which may be able to make
a change. I don't see this critical mass, however - on the contrary.


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